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Pathstones needs YOUR help!


Pathstones would cease to exist without the effort and support of compassionate individuals from the community. If you have a passion for serving those who are hurting, please consider becoming a part of the Pathstones ministry in the following ways.





The majority of Pathstones' funding comes from contributions from individuals and organizations that believe in our mission: to provide low-cost professional Christian counseling to anyone in need. If you have a heart for this kind of work, we invite you to make a donation of any size. Every dollar helps to provide an otherwise expensive service to some person or family in need.

Pathstones relies on an amazing team of volunteers to help with our day-to-day functioning. Right now, we need more volunteers to serve as receptionist for a couple of hours for one evening every other week, but we could also use volunteers to serve on an as-needed basis.


The work isn't very hard, but it is extremely important to our ministry, and it is greatly appreciated. If you have a couple of hours to spare a couple of times per month, please let us know!

Pathstones Counseling Center would not exist if it were not for the dedicated and compassionate counselors who volunteer their time to our cause. We have approximately 13 counselors who volunteer their time to Pathstones each week. Some of them are only here for a couple of hours each week. Some are able to offer several hours each day. But ALL of them are invaluable pieces of the Pathstones team.


If you are a licensed counselor who is looking to serve our community in a very special way, please let us know. Even with the large team of counselors that we have, there is still more of a need than we can keep up with. So contact us and let us know if you are willing to donate your skills to the work at Pathstones Counseling Center.

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